10 Questions To Ask a Roofer Before a Project – Outdoor Family Portraits

Asking about payment plans is among the top 10 questions you can ask a roofer before a projectbecause you’ll have be aware of how to plan your project ahead of time.

It is your responsibility to give consent for credit checks to be carried out. Also, you need to be informed about the effect of credit checks on your reports. The good news is that most credit checks do not affect your credit score permanently. Ask about interest rates as they could affect the price of your undertaking.

10. Cleaning up and maintenance

Make sure you check with your roofers on what they will do with clean-up and maintenance when the construction is finished. These questions can help you ensure your property is safe as well as clean during the time they work. Ask them if they have an arrangement for disposal of all debris and substances from your property once they have completed their work.

It’s equally important to determine if additional maintenance is required, such as pruning trees or clearing the gutters. This can ensure that your roof remains excellent throughout the years. To keep your roof well-maintained, you should schedule future visits with your roofing contractor. For instance, roofing maintenance should generally be done every two years prior to the change in the seasons.

It is possible to notice an increase in the cost of energy or water damage to the attic, or even missing shingles to indicate that you might require maintenance sooner than you thought. It’s always best to be proactive about roof maintenance since a delay could cause further damage that is much costly to fix.

By asking the right questions and getting all the required information in advance to ensure your project is a success. This list of 10 questions to ask your roofer prior to a project can help ensure that all goes according to plan and you’re pleased with the outcome.


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