What Does a Sports Physical Entail? – Sports Radio 610

The doctor at school will perform regular health checks and an athletic physical. You must fill out the forms to ensure your child is in good health and has all the immunizations. Next, the physician will conduct a medical exam. The physician will ask you about your history and health conditions. According to the doctor’s narrator speaking to your child about their daily routine is beneficial. They can talk about their favorite foods, their exercise habits, their sleep patterns, and more. This will get them thinking about their health and get their minds accustomed to the notion of doctor visits. They’ll eventually be able answer these questions themselves when they reach a certain age.

The doctor may also ask for a history of heart disease to determine if children have a high risk of developing. To make sure there’s no any health issues, they’ll review a musculoskeletal history. All this is done to make sure that children are protected when out playing sports.


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