How to Make a Golf Cart Street Legal – Car Talk Podcast

including low-speed sidewalks, low-speed roads, retirement communities, and even beaches. Is there a reason to legalize it? Here’s the information you must know.

1. Popularity

A legal street golf cart is very popular due to their safety and user-friendly. The car is slowed sufficient to ensure that the rider from getting into trouble.

2. Attractiveness

Golf carts are adorable and charming. The compact design makes it easy to transport and has a minimal impact on the surroundings. Certain gas carts can even go as high as 45 mpg.

3. Size

Golf carts provide a wonderful method of getting around smaller regions. They can also be used to safely transport vehicles as well as reduce the amount of traffic.

Making Golf Cart Legal

Federal law allows street-legal golf carts to operate on roads. If you want to drive it on public roads is to ensure that it’s equipped with all of the lights and safety requirements. In the event that it meets the standards, it can be legal to drive in the zone. This includes

* Parking Brake
* Headlamps
* Stop and Tail Lamps
* Reflectors for Reflex
* Front and rear turn signals
* Seatbelts
* Windshield
* Exterior mirrors
* VIN g9eew4t98z.

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