Embroidery for Beginners – Entertainment Videos


It is the most important aspect to making a difference. Although it is difficult to master this ability but perseverance and persistence can help you integrate the methods into your work.

In preparation for the fabric to be used for hand-embroidered embroidery is the first step you should make to prevent it from fraying. The process involves applying masking tapes or trimming the edges with shears and by using a sewing machine, you can fix the edge using an zigzag stitch. Following that, apply the template to the fabric, by drawing it using a water-soluble marker.

After you’ve traced the idea, you can place the fabric on an hoop or frame in order to create enough tension for smooth stitching. Once the fabric is secure on the hoop, start the project with a knot approximately one inch away from the point of beginning and begin working your way around your design using a succession of embroidery stitches that are small. After you’re done with embroidering the thread, tie it off by connecting the ends to the back. Check out the video above to get a step-by-step guide for novices.

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