The Worst Snowmobiles for Sale – Skiing Video

with a purchase you’ll regret. This video provides a list of the most dangerous snowmobiles on the market and why you need to avoid these.

The Skidoo Summit Himark1000 is one of the most dangerous snowmobiles. This skidoo summit highmark was designed to improve upon the huge success of Skidoo’s Skidoo 8000 Summit REV but it was a disaster. It was more heavy, more expensive, and had endless electronic issues. It was difficult to manage even for the most experienced riders. It was a quick way to disappear from the market.

The next model is Arctic Cat Powder Extreme. The first model from the 90s was an effective and long-lasting favorite among riders. It was heavier than expected and had a loss of power. The snowmobiling community quickly discarded it.

The Polaris RMK 900 is a model brought into production to rival the stunning alternatives available. After initial success problems with clutches and other troubles began appearing among the owners of these models. The program was halted after two seasons.

You can find more details in the video.


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