How a Fire Suppression System Works – How Old Is the Internet

Ression systems can be found in many of commercial and residential. They are crucial to the computing industry because they allow server equipment to function at all times, without excessive heat. In the video below, you can see the fire protection device in operation at a server centre to protect other servers as well as those who handle the servers.

The fire suppression systems that is discussed in this video uses closed steel containers that contain the chemical mixtures spraying onto the flame to put it out. The aerosol comes with two important benefits: it’s not harmful to computers or humans. The aerosol contains no toxic substances that may be harmful to people and are in addition, dry. This means that it will not damage computers.

The units are wired to one central control panel and later distributed across the server. In order to put out smaller, more specific fires, there are canisters that are located inside lockers for servers.

The system also uses an aspirating smoke detector that can detect early smoke that is released from burning fires right at the time the fire starts. The detector transmits messages to the panel that will trigger alarms as as aerosol canisters. To learn more watch the video above.


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