Deep Cleaning Carpet Tips that Every Homeowner Should Try – Home Efficiency Tips

Dry the affected area.
Chewing Gum

After chewing gum has bonded to your carpet fibers, it can be hard to remove. However, when this happens, you can easily use these deep-cleaning carpet techniques to eliminate it off the carpet. Firstly you should place an ice cube in the gum and leave it for a few minutes to allow it to harden. It will become harder and get more difficult take off from your carpet. Secondly, use either a spoon or knife to remove the gum from the carpet. If these methods don’t result in a successful removal, there’s the option to use the carpet cleaner specifically designed to remove gum.

Polish for nails

Nail polish may be another difficult stain to remove and is especially difficult if the hue strongly contrasts with the carpet’s color. The first step is to wipe off the nail polish as is possible with the dry and cleanest cloth. Then, you can utilize alcohol or mix equal amounts of water and vinegar in a bowl. Dip a clean towel to get rid of the stain. It is then rinsed with water, and dry the stain.

andlt;h3andgt;Food And Beverage Stains

Carpet cleaning deep also requires tackling food and beverage stains. Cleaning food particles could be as simple with a sharp knife to pick up the dirt, liquids could be more challenging. However, it is possible to remove the liquids, like coffee, oil and wine by mixing an aide of soap and water or sodium and water.

In order to do this the first step is to remove the stain before spraying the solution on the carpet by using a spraying bottle. The solution should soak into the carpet for about a minute after which you scrub it into the affected spot using a dry, clean cloth. Wash with water and dry. Be aware that liquids can require different cleaning methods.

Heating Stains

Stains from heat can be difficult on your carpet. A few deep-cleaning carpet strategies can prove useful during these instances. When candle wax melts in carpet, it is possible to get rid of it using an air vacuum.


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