Tips for Planning a Long Trip – Summer Travel Tips

leaves to see whether they’re able to leave early.

It’s important to list the things you’ll need along, the things that must remain at home once you return, and everything your children need for preschools.

Verify that the Car is in good condition

For those who are considering a long journey make sure your car is in good condition. Insufficient tires could cause major problems , and may mean the difference between getting stuck or even making it to your location. Check the pressure weekly especially if you’re taking long trips and when it falls below 30 psi then recheck. In case you’re traveling on a long trip, it’s important to make sure your car has the classic type of insurance.

You also need to check the power steering prior to turning it off. Also, you should check your power steering for any clicks and clicking sound while you drive. You should replacing the belt every 6 months, if it displays signs of glazing, or at least every time you change your oil. If the oil drops to much the belt will burn and leave you stranded and seeking out car towing service in the vicinity.

Be sure to hear the sound of whining as you accelerate and decelerate. The fluid in your transmission is costly and slippery, therefore you shouldn’t lose any. To determine the status of your transmission fluid use your dipstick. Use the proper type of transmission fluid, not one that is a synthetic blend. This won’t work as well and could render you in a bind.

Pack Good Snacks

If you are planning your next adventure be sure to leave space for some relaxation time and to pack nutritious food. Both are essential for an enjoyable vacation.

It is advisable to always carry small number of water bottles in your bag. Water fountains at airports and train stations will refill them. If you want to refill your water bottles There are also service stations near the highway.

It’s helpful to take a large meal on the flight, unless you’re one of those adventurous passengers who enjoy flying


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