Do Your Pipes Have a Corrosion Problem? – Family Magazine

If your piping leaks more often? You may have a copper corrosion problem on your hands. It is a common issue in homes with families. This is often the result of time when unintentionally deposited debris enters the pipe , or is destroyed by the water itself. In this video, you will learn how to protect copper pipes from corrosion.

Chemicals in the water are a frequent cause of pipe corrosion. The presence of mineral deposits in the water could result in mineral buildup within the pipes. This mineral buildup can corrode the pipes or cause the fluid flow to change, which could lead to corrosion of the pipes. Similar to this, poor soldering during installation and repair could cause water pressure to change in pipes enough that it causes corrosion. It is evident that the pipe has corroded even though it may not seem obvious immediately after the repair or even after installation. Most people don’t know what is causing their pipes to corrode or leaking. You should ensure that your pipes are properly soldered starting from the beginning.


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