Litterers Potentially Facing Jail Time After Popping Balloons in Ocean – Dan Park Law Group

Econds may spend up to an entire year in jail for trashing. This could be the reality for some people within Miami. The two were captured in camera footage popping balloons off the boat’s edge to the water. They reportedly popped more than 50 balloons. Police are now fining a couple who participated with the incident. The organizer of the party isn’t secure. They too, will likely be fined. This is just a way to demonstrate how seriously the police are taking in the matter of littering. They may be hoping this decision will dissuade potential litterers from even thinking about littering. However, do these people even think to begin with. If they are going to spend up to a year in jail may discover that they must contact their local bondsman to keep them out of prison for a while.

There is a mixed reaction with the situation. People are generally happy to see at the fact that littering is being tackled. Some are bemoaning the fact that a whole sentence of one year in prison on the basis of such an incident was a major oversight.


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