What is Towing Business Insurance? – Auto Insurance

Checks to ensure that your business is covered are confusing. Read on for additional information on insurance for towing and things you should know.

Towing is not without risk factors, including getting on the wrong side of the road or the act of loading a vehicle on the flatbed. Also, it is risky to pull a vehicle out of in a ditch. This makes it difficult to locate a towing company that offers insurance for businesses towing. The risks could result in injuries to third parties, loss of general liability or injury to your vehicle or any other personal property.

Employee injuries are frequent during this type of business. Because there’s physical work involved, employees are at risk of breaking fingers, bones, or suffer sprains. Towing businesses must have workers’ comp insurance as this is something that happens often.

Although some agents might be able to combine coverages from multiple carriers for you however, you should choose one particular carrier. It is possible to overpay or delay your claims. Companies also can recover their losses through a variety of insurance companies. If possible, choose a single carrier for your main insurances that include general responsibility, garage keepers properties, on-hooks, and workers compensation.


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