What is a Probate Lawyer? – Court Video

In the event that a family member passes away, there are a lot of things you need to do to honour the wishes of their family members. It’s daunting and complicated, especially in the aftermath of losing a loved-one. A probate lawyer is available to help the family members. Continue reading to find out what a probate attorney is and the way they function.

We’ll begin by defining what probate is. Probate is the process by which you handle an estate belonging to a loved one. You assure that their wishes are adhered to, payments are made, and their assets are distributed to the beneficiaries they would have wanted.

So what does a probate attorney do? A probate lawyer is an official state-licensed attorney who works with the executors, personal representative, as well as the beneficiaries of an estate in order to settle the affairs in the death of the estate. Probate lawyers assist beneficiaries throughout the process of probate.

One of the main tasks probate lawyers undertake are collecting the proceeds of life insurance policies, as well as finding and protecting estate assets such as jewelry, watches, paintings, or real property like condos, vacation homes, and vacation homes.

Take a look at the video for more about probate lawyers.


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