How To Be More Eco Friendly –

tion that is being brought by the need to find alternatives to single-use plastic straws. The video below introduces users to a brand new concept. In the process of creating eco-friendly straws made from seaweed. As the demand for reusable straws is growing in popularity, the eco-friendly single-use straw has emerged as a novel concept that presents the food service industry with an alternative.

This video demonstrates the ways that science and oceans help keep the use of plastic out, but also present new strategies to ensure single-use straws remain available for sale. The video appears to be just the tip of the iceberg in terms of what this business can accomplish in the future. The company may find more applications for seaweed based on the idea they’ve come up with.

Ideas about how seaweed can take over other plastics and stop other forms of plastics from entering the ocean in the coming years are as diverse as we might think. A few years ago no one would have imagined seaweed could replace straws for single use. Future prospects are bright for straws made from plastic and other products that block our oceans. og8cszy3pg.

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