How a Sprinkler System Works – The Buy Me Blog

The video shows five components to sprinkler systems. They are pipe tubing, and valves. Sprinkler heads, as well as backflow preventioner. The control system is comprised of the control unit, the timer and the clock. The water source supplies water directly to the main line coming from the home. The backflow prevents water that is contaminated from returning to the residence. This controls valves to shut and open according to their schedule. Each valve is accountable for an entire set of sprinklers which is known as a zone or station. The valves are operated by the timer which opens them and controls sprinklers. Pressure is applied to force water into the sprinklers in accordance with the set timer. In general, PVC pipe is employed for these sprinklers. There are many types of sprinkler head. There are three kinds of sprinkler heads namely shrub-types and rotating sprinklers. For taller plants pop-ups may be utilized while shrub-types work well for smaller plants. Sprinklers of the type Rotor use multiple streams to provide water to huge areas. The location of the area as well as the plants determine the type of sprinkler you choose to use. oe4i9dr5wd.

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