A Look At Implicit Bias Research – Living History Worldwide

Nst other. People all tend to do, yet they aren’t aware of it. Researchers have discovered that implicit biases are commonly associated with different genders, races, as well as other groups that are marginalized. While we are generally positive about the people in our social circle, this bias could also be applicable to us. Implicit bias plays a role in your initial impressions about a person when you first encounter the person. Even if you don’t have sufficient information on the person to make an accurate decision, your brain will make the judgment for you.

Your implicit bias can be shaped from a myriad of elements. Your experiences in the past, your origins and other factors are examples of implicit bias. All of these things come together to make your conscious thought. A crucial point to remember is that since implicit bias is unconscious you may still expressly impartial to someone, yet have implicit biases. Implicit bias can be defined as something that is uncontrollable within your brain. The best way to fight this bias is by knowing that it is there, and actively attempting to understand how it influences different areas in your daily life.


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