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When You Resell SEO, You Can Attract Users That Like To Click On Organic Links


About three fourths of people who use search engines are adamant about the fact that they stay away from paid advertisements, instead opting for only organic links. To this effect, when you resell SEO, you must make sure you have this notion in mind, especially when you are dealing with your private label seo company. SEO can be a very complicated matter in terms of marketing and since when you resell SEO, it will be your job to scout for companies that need search marketing services, you will do well to learn as much about the newest trends to date.

To start, any SEO reseller should know that the industry they are dealing with is one that is worth about 16 billion dollars and that means that there is a lot of money to be made. Since online retailers claim that nearly 40 percent of their customer traffic comes from internet searches, there is a huge foundation for those who wish to resell SEO to draw in new business clientele. Because there are always new businesses forming as well as old businesses who are getting their feet wet in the digital marketplace for the first time, you will know that there will always be a steady stream of clients to resell SEO to as long as you know how to look for them.

One of the largest growing client bases that you need to pay attention to as you market your business is smartphone users as 64 percent of them shop online straight from their device. With ecommerce sales having passed $200 billion by the end of 2011, a lot of those sales are coming from mobile users and the trend will only continue to expand further. What this means is that you need to express the importance to your private label affiliates as well as your clients what it will mean to sell to these customers.

Once you get your message across, you can start keeping this target in mind when you resell Seo. This is because you will be able to explain to your clients why it pays to market to mobile customers. More importantly, you will have a steady stream of services to back up your claims.

In the end, this could catapult you past other resellers with a more general approach. With the latest innovations, you will be able to grab more business. This will also set you up to conduct more in the future.

Top three reasons to consider SEO reseller programs

Search engine optimization is a process that one can use in order to bolster up their rankings in a search engines results. As more and more companies look to make their mark online, search engine optimization, or Seo, has become quite an emerging industry. Many of the companies that provide this service to others have begun to look to SEO reseller programs as a way to handle the growing demand. Seo reseller programs are a great way not only for a company of SEO experts to increase their customer base, but for others to grow their own businesses as well.

Individuals and businesses that are interested in being a part of SEO reseller programs can sell the services of the SEO provider under their own brand name. This is often called white or private label reselling. This means that the consumer will only see the resellers name on the product, and not the company that designed it, never knowing that two companies were involved. This allows for the reseller to build up their own reputation and brand without having to share the credit with anyone else.

A second reason SEO reseller programs should be consider is that both of the parties involved can focus on the parts of their business they want to. SEO reseller programs make it possible for the company of SEO experts to focus almost exclusively on their product without having to divert additional time and resources to sales. Those same SEO reseller programs also allow the reseller to focus on customers, and not the implementation and monitoring of the services they are selling. That part is still handled by the company providing the services.

A third reason to consider SEO reseller programs is that they do not need to purchase a product and then sell it for a small profit, as is typically done with most resellers that deal in physical goods. Instead, they just organize a sale and split the profits with the provider. SEO reseller programs make it possible for anyone to start their own business online, providing a great staring point for people who want to focus on customer sales, build up their own brand and make money doing it.